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Eva Mendes Biography: An American actress Eva Mendes was born the 5th of March, 1974 in Miami, Florida. Her mother Eva worked in school and her father was a seller of used cars. After parents divorced, she moved with her mother to Los-Angeles. During her childhood and studying in school and in the university at marketing department Eva didn't even want to start acting carrier. But then she changed her mind and began to star in commercial and music videos. Her first film was 'The Children of Corn V'. Then she filmed in 'Training Day', 'Stuck on You' and 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico' which really made her popular. After that she became a spokeswomen of Revlon. Eva was also ranked the 7th the most beautiful women in 2007 by Maxim magazine. In 2007 she also appeared naked in Flaunt magazine. In 'Training Day' Eva Mendes had sex scenes as well laying completely nude chest down on a bed. In 2008 she spent some time treating her drug addiction in Utah. What's about her personal life, Eva lives together with her boyfriend.

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