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Eva Longoria Biography: Eva Jacqueline Longoria Parker - movie and TV actress was born the 15th of March 1975 in Texas, the United States. She was born in poor family of farmers - Enrique and Ella and was the youngest daughter. After finishing high school Eva started to study in Texas University and graduated from it as Bachelor of kinesiology. After that she moved to live and to start modeling carrier in Los-Angeles. Her actress carrier began from roles in some famous series such as 'Beverly Hills' and 'Young and Restless'. She also took part in show - Desperate Housewives, which made her really popular. In 2005 and 2006 Eva became one of the sexiest and the most beautiful women of Hollywood and Maxim's hottest TV stars. Eva Longoria has her nude pictures in Arena and Jane, and a number of other magazines. This supermodel had a lot of contracts with brands as L'Oreal. She married TV series star Tyler Christopher in 2002 but the couple divorced in 2004. Today she has her own restaurant in West Hollywood.

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