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Emma Watson Biography: Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson was born in April, 1990 in Paris. Her father Chris Watson and her mother Jacqueline Luesby were lawyers. Emma lived in the capital of France until she became five when her parents divorced and the mother with daughter moved to England. From her early years Emma dreamed to be an actress and to film in different movies, she participated in special singing, dancing and acting courses. We should say, that her first professional role was role of Hermione in 'Harry Potter'. 'Harry Potter' has already six parts and Emma has filmed in every of them. In 2007 she started to film in non-Harry Potter movies as Ballet Shoes. Today despite of continuing to starring in Harry Potter films Emma wants to start studding in some university in the United States. Moreover, during her actress carrier Emma Watson earned more than 10 million dollars, but she still wants to graduate university and than become a full-time actress. To add, Emma says that her favorite hobbies are: dancing, singing, tennis and hockey.

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