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Eliza Dushku naked

Eliza Dushku Biography: Eliza Patricia Dushku is famous Hollywood actress. She played in several movies such as 'True Lies', 'The New Guy', 'Wrong Turn' and some others and series - 'Buffy the vampire slayer', 'Angel' and so on. Today Eliza not only plays but produces some series as well. She is also well-known due to her topless movie 'The Alphabet Killer' (2008) where she showed bare breasts while changing in locker room. Eliza Dushku was born December 30, 1980 in the United States. She started her actress career when she was only ten - she was invited to play in the movie 'That Night'. Than she played in This Boy's Life accompanied with such legendary actors as Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. After popularity had came she stopped acting to finish education. She graduated George Washington University in 2001. Having graduated the University she began to play in famous teenager series. Since 2003 Eliza Dushku was acting in some popular movies. Today Eliza Dushku produces FOX series 'Dollhouse'. This beautiful celenrity girl has also several seminude photo sets in different magazines.

Eliza Dushku nude pics

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