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Elisha Cuthbert naked

Elisha Cuthbert Biography: Elisha Cuthbert - is popular Canadian actress and model, she became really famous after her roles in horror series (Are you afraid of the dark?) and educational shows for children (Popular Mechanics for Kids). To add, within several last years she was playing in such well-known movies as House of wax, The girl next door, Old School and some other. Moreover, she is still playing in 24 series which is really popular in the USA and Europe. Elisha Cuthbert was born November 30, 1982 in Canada. She likes painting, ice-hockey. What's about hockey, she really is mad about it. She even had romantic relationships with Los-Angeles Kings player. After him she felt in love with several other ice-hockey players. When she was a child she began to model for different fashion brands of children clothes. Her actress career started in 1997 but real commercial success and popularity came to her in 2003. She also is one of 50 the most desired and sexy women in the world (Maxim magazine version) 2008. Moreover, Elisha Cuthbert has her photos posing nude in Maxim Magazine.

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