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Dita Von Teese naked

Dita Von Teese Biography: Dita Von Teese's glory was on the top when she was a young lady. And today we know this brilliant woman as internationally known fetish supermodel and actress. There are a few men who haven't seen her best erotic films such as 'Saint Francis' (2007) where the sexy chick appeared topless showing off her huge boobs. Yes, the hot chick's nude pics thrilled millions of men being posted on luxury magazines such as 'Penthouse' and 'Maxim'. The super lady was born on September 28, 1972, in Rochester, USA. Actually at the early age she wanted to be a ballerina and her parents payed for ballerina courses. Being 16 year-old beauty she used to work as a salesgirl in a local store. At the age of 19 the beautiful teenager started her modeling career. Interestingly the first place she worked in was a local gloomy strip club. Two years later she got acquainted with an agent from a modeling agency. And 5 years later she was featured in Playboy about 18 times. Her success was breathtaking but her parents didn't pay much attention to their daughter's career. Despite this Dita followed her way and soon became popular and wealthy. The celeb is well-known for her 'girl in the glass' show and fetish videos such as "Naked and Helpless". Her life was full of events and changes but she never regretted about them. Currently the super star looks happy and merry due to her healthy and exciting lifestyle.

Dita Von Teese nude pics

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