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Daisy Fuentes Biography: Be sure this super singer and show woman is known worldwide. Stunning Daisy Fuentes was born on November 17, in 1966. The little creature took a slant at the world from Havana, Cuba. Being 3 year-old girl the Fuentes had to move to Madrid. Three year later they emigrated to New Jersey. Young Daisy studied at the Bergen College and was interested in communications and journalism. The clever teenager won a lot of local competitions in this field and was successful in many disciplines. She was 17 year-old when a young TV show man Gary Black invited her to n WXTV Channel 41. So Daisy's glory didn't keep waiting. Being a teenager she was a real celeb in Latino television. In 1988, charming and easygoing Daisy moved to New-York to work as news anchor at popular WNJU Channel 41. Actually it was time for new challenging steps in her career. Daisy Fuentes decided to develop her acting credits. Fortunately she was immediately given a role on the ABC soap opera. Amazingly but the young actress was unbelievably successful and the number of her fans dramatically increased. Since that time Daisy has been having a hectic and exciting lifestyle. When she was just 20 year-old girl she traveled a lot and saw many famous actors and singers. The girl went on her acting and singing career. In 1997 she released her solo album and at this same year she signed a contract with a famous and authoritative modeling agency. So far the great and hard-working woman is offered tons of contracts and offers in many fields. To add the celeb looks pretty attractive and sexy even in her forties.

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