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Claudia Schiffer naked

Claudia Schiffer Biography: There are no people who haven't heard of most amazing and sexy blonde Claudia Schiffer. Actually she was the first princess using silicone breast and plastic surgery. Thus this woman contributed a lot of values in women's world. German beauty was born on August 25, 1970 in Rheinberg. At the age of 19 she had become one of the world's most recognizable supermodels. In the early 90s millions of people knew about her beauty and fame. Being a child Claudia was fond of music and dancing but her parents wanted her to be a lawyer. That wish was imposed by her father who was a talented lawyer. Despite this the girl chose her own way that leaded her to the desirable glory. After being discovered in a nightclub in 1988 she was offered a modeling contract. Her first appearance was on the cover of Elle magazine. In 1989 she was busy about jeans advertising campaign.It was an amazing step and after this Claudia Schiffer was treated as the queen of the fashion. During her life she had appeared on the covers of 500 popular magazines. And what about erotic moments? Millions of her fans could see her nude and topless pics in a great variety of French magazines including 'Vouge'. As far as cinema is concerned Schiffer's debut was a celluloid in 'Richie Rich' (2004). In 2001 the model and actress was offered a larger role in the romantic popular comedy 'Friends and Lovers'. Then she starred in 'Black and White' (1999) by James Toback and many other films. As you see her modeling and acting career was pretty pompous. Today she's 39 year-old beauty who is still popular all over the world. Her name has become a real icon for the world of style and fashion.

Claudia Schiffer nude pics

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