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Cindy Crawford Biography: When you hear her name you feel excited and thrilled. Brilliant model and charming actress Cindy Crawford is known worldwide for her hit movies and breathtaking model carrier. What's more there are some explicit movies revealing her splendid and naked body. You can find her sex scenes and topless moments in the new movie 'Allure Magazine' (April 2009). Cindy Crawford was born on February 20, 1966 in California. At the early age Cindy Crawford had become America's most popular fashion model. Actually she had a perfect carrier of "super model". Living with parents the little child seemed to be very energetic. Little Cindy never sit at one place always looking for an action. At the Chicago's Northwestern University she was a fine student. The teenager even took a degree in chemical engineering; despite all the achievements Cindy left her academic way of life and started to look for model contracts. By winning the "Look of the Year" contest Cindy Crawford entered the world of high fashion. After that time she was offered a large number of contracts from elite modeling agencies. So the beauty just had to choose the best offer. During her life she had no many lovers because she was always focused on her carrier. So she succeeded both in modeling and filming. Right now you can see her nude and topless pics in the film 'Fair Game' (1995).

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