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Christina Aguilera nude

Christina Aguilera Biography: Christina Aguilera seems to be a naughty and sexy woman in the whole Hollywood world. It goes without saying this celeb is a target for the paparazzi and millions of her fans. Possibly you have watched her hot seminude pics and videos on the web. May be because of these facts why she's treated as a rebellious and scandalous creature. The star was born on December 18, 1980 in in Staten Island, NY City. American pop singer and excellent woman has an interesting biography. Her parents split when she was about 10 year-old girl so she had to live with a mother. Interestingly since birth Christina wanted to be a singer. Studying at local school she managed to attend choir lessons. At the age of 12 the girl was invited to audition where she proved her talent. In 1999 she recorded own solo song 'Genie in a Bottle'. Fortunately the song had become a real hit. Millions of records had been sold and young girl got a lot of awards including Grammy for her gorgeous voice. It was a period of her extra success and the singer released many projects, including Latina and Christmas albums. After two years Christina was offered to star in Disney Channel's television series. To add the celeb starred in advertisements and all her new attempts were successful. Today she has own studios and keeps on recording new songs. By the way you could see her nude and explicit scenes in 'MTV Diary' where she exposes her sexy nipple ring. Another exciting movie by sexed-up Aguilera is 'Dirrty Blonde' (2002).

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