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Chloe Sevigny Biography: Perhaps you have seen a provoking sex tape where hot Chloe Sevigny performs a real blowjob. Yes, this is a manysided person and of course she's an alive woman. The star was born on November 18, 1974 in Springfield, MA. Actually Chloe Sevigny is known as an American actress and model. Her father John was a interior painter and her mum taught children in the local school. Sevigny was a pretty and clever child who loved books and school. It's hard to believe but the little girl didn't have friends because her parents usually dropped her at home. Hence young Chloe was far from being easygoing and energetic. At the age of 7 the little girl was able to paint; she read a lot of foreign literature and learned languages. The celeb became well-known for her fashion carrier in the mid 1990s. At this time Chloe worked at NY's 'Sassy' magazine. And what about her actress carrier? Her first movie 'Kids' brought her money and fame but it was just a beginning of her hectic and exciting carrier. Her first 'masterpiece' role in the film 'The Boys Don't Cry' gained serious critical recognition. For this role the actress got the most prestigious award Oscar and Golden Globe. So it was the first step to the real Hollywood glory. She also posed totally nude for magazine's photo set where she showing her really gorgeous body. Currently Sevigny keeps on acting and the majority of her movies become popular worldwide. To add she's one of the most desirable guest on American TV shows.

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