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Cheryl Tweedy Biography: No doubt you have seen her nude movies, including 'The Brown Bunny' (2003) where the hot girl exposes her naked sexy breasts and amazing body. Cheryl Tweedy is known as a talented singer, actress and TV personality. The star was born on June, 30 in 1983 in Newcastle. Actually she discovered her talent in childhood while performing in a big number of modeling shows. In early age Cheryl attended classical dancing school and sang songs. Being 12 year-old girl she won a ballet competition. What is more the girl starred in the various advertisements. Interestingly as she entered the United Kingdom talent-search show she had to work as a waitress. Real fame came to Cheryl in the 2000s. At this time she had become a member of super pop group 'Girls Aloud'. Her success was really amazing and after a couple of years she managed to make a fortune of ?25 millions. What is more the celeb with her group girls could get the UK 10 singles top. Thus they received nominations for British Awards. Today Cole has become a famous style icon and endless fans treat her as a gorgeous creature. Currently the super girl gives performance on a tour. On 26 of October the singer will release her debut album so we have to wait for a while.

Cheryl Tweedy nude pics

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