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Catherine Zeta Jones nude

Catherine Zeta Jones Biography: Charming actress Catherine Zeta Jones has millions of fans and a great number of brilliant movies. Catherine Zeta Jones was born on September 25, 1969 in Swansea in Wales, UK. Interestingly the girl was named after her two beloved grandmothers. Her father Dai Jones and her mum Ptricia Fair had strong relationships and wanted their daughter to be an actress. Little Catherine was fond of music and reading literature. Well-built and attractive girl attended the musical theater where she starred onstage in a famous play 'King Lear'. Her first film was '1001 Nights' and after this time her actress carrier took off. Nevertheless Catherine wasn't so popular and she had to work hard to achieve a real fame. As she starred in 'The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones' the woman was recognized by millions of people. A few fans know the actress played in the British TV series; what's more once she managed to release her own single 'The Appian way'. As far as her husband is concerned Zeta Jones was engaged to famous and handsome actor Michael Douglas. They filmed together in some movies such as 'The Traffic'. Today the actress looks beautiful and she's often spotted at the various fashionable festivals and parties.

Catherine Zeta Jones nude pics

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