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Carolina Ardohain Biography: Carolina Ardohain is mostly known by her nickname Pampita, named after the place, La Pampa, she was born in. A known model and a television personality was born on January 17, 1978 in Argentina as Ana Carolina Ardohain Dos Santos. Ardohain is very popular in Spain, where she was a hostess of various shows such as "El Rayo" and "El Sitio". In 2002 Television Espanola invited Ardohain to host a television show "El Show de Flo". All these shows were ratings winnings in Spain. Actually, it is impossible to name a show hosted by Ardohain, so lively and optimistic, to be unsuccessful one. Energetic and easy-going Ardohain also took part in campaign devoted to the FIFA World Cup South Korea-Japan 2002 and was the representative of her national team. She got unofficial status of a "Godmother" of the team. So popular in shows a celebrity also decided to try acting. In 2003 Ardohain starred in a popular Argentinean television series "Rebelde Way". In February 2004 Carolina was invited to become a jury at the Vina del Mar International Song Festival, which was held in Chile. As always charming she got the title of the Queen of the Festival. She also appeared in a TV production "Doble Vida" in 2005.

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