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Britney Spears naked

Britney Spears Biography: One of the most popular teenage celebrities of the millennium Britney Spears was born on December 2,1981 in Kentwood, Louisiana. In her childhood she sang in a church choir and took part in dance revues. When she was 8, she auditioned for the series The Mickey Mouse Club. Though Spears appeared to be too young for that show she didn't give up her desire to appear on a big stage. Britney had been studying at The Professional Performing Arts School Center in NY for three years and after that she made a second try for The Mickey Mouse Club and succeeded. In 1998 she recorded a demo and signed her first contract with Jive Records. "Baby One More Time" was Britney's first single that made her famous at once. Her first album remained on #1 place on Billboard 200 for seven weeks! Spears got Grammy nomination and won 4 Billboard's Music Awards. Her second album Oops!...I Did It Again was nearly the same popularity as her debut one. 30 million copies were sold worldwide (including USA). In 2002 she debuted on a big screen but movie was worsted. Still, Britney Spears, a mother of two kids, is known as one of the popular singer stars whose career was unbelievably skyrocketing.

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