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Beyonce Knowles nude

Beyonce Knowles Biography: Stunning Beyonce Knowles seems to be on of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood. Believe she's not only a pretty face but a great sexed-up figure and incomparable eyes. Born in Houston, Texas on September 4, 1981. Being a little girl the star sang in the church choir. Her parents lived together and they wanted their child to become a musician. At the age of 16 the pretty girl with her friends organized a quartet and then it turned into a trio. Fortunately the girls were lucky and their carrier kept raising on the top. By the way their final album was released in 2005 and remains the bestseller all-girl group in the Hollywood history. Interestingly Beyonce's father Mathew Knowles managers all the girls today and has own prestige record label. In 2003 young Beyonce released her first own album with a romantic name 'Dangerously In Love'. It's known that her debut was her triumph and tons of records were sold immediately. Thus the singer got three Grammy awards and continued to work hard. What's more Beyonce Knowles could be successful in the movies as an actress. Her first appearance in on the screen was 'Carmen: Hip Hopera'. The project was shown on MTV channel. In 2006 Beyonce Knowles starred with handsome actor Steve Martin. After this time Beyonce Knowles has been a superb Hollywood celeb. Today she is planning to start in a new movie; also the superwoman is thinking about a release of her new album.

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