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Bar Refaeli Biography: To become famous she just needed to start dating famous boyfriend and she chosen Leonardo DiCaprio for this part. Bar Refaeli was born on June 4, 1985 in Israeli neighborhood, where her family kept horse ranch. At the age of eight months old her mother took little Bar to act in commercials, so a girl started acting long before she could walk. Bar had a break in her modeling from the age of twelve to fourteen, when she had to wear brackets, but at the moment she got rid of them she strode to modeling agency. She is a photographic model mostly and posed for catalogs Castro and Pilpel, huge fashion brands. Since 2000, two years in a row she won the title of "Model of the Year". Her pictures were seen in Elle (France), GQ (Italy) and Maxim magazines. Bar Refaeli became the first Israeli model appeared in Sport Illustrated Swimsuit issue in 2007, where she posed alongside rock group Aerosmith. Two years later she became a cover model of this magazine. In 2009 Refaeli was honored with World Style Award being the most famous face in the world. Bar is also known as an accident actress acted in Israeli series Pick Up (2005). Currently she is the host of MTV program House of Style. As for her private life there were a lot of rumors about her relations with Leonardo DiCaprio seemed to be broken, nevertheless Bar and Leo is still together.

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