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Ashley Tisdale Biography: Blonde or brunette she is equally gorgeous and charming. So young but so involved in show business work Ashley Tisdale is a singer, songwriter, producer, actress and a spokesperson - all-in-one! Born on July 2, 1985, in West Deal, New Jersey a girl was spotted by her current manager in a supermarket when she was just three. Since then Ashley starred in more than 100 commercials being a pop "little" celebrity. In 1993 there was a cast for Broadway musical "Les Miserables" and viola - she won it! After Tisdale appeared in musicals Annie, The Sound of Music and Gypsy: A Musical Fable. Her singing career Ashley started from White House when she performed for the President Bill Clinton being just twelve. With her childhood that everyone can envy her, this was only the beginning of Tisdale's huge success. Recently Ashley starred in High School Musical on Disney Chanel playing Sharpay, a villainous girl. In a show Tisdale performed several songs (Bop to the Top, We're All in this Together) which rushed on top of music chart Billboard Hot 100. No doubt, such a beauty and celebrity was an frequent guest on various TV shows: Bette, Once and Again, Charmed, Family Guy are among the others. Due to her striking beauty Ashley was #10 in Hot 100 list of Maxim magazine in 2008.

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