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Ali Larter Biography: Ali Larter (full name Alison Elizabeth Larter) was born on February 28, 1976 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA. The former model, and in the present the succeeding actress, Ali has begun the career with model career when she was 14 years old, she has concluded the long-term contract with modelling agency to 1995года then it has returned to Los Angeles where has started to take lessons of actor's skill. It has received the first role per 1996 in a film "Chicago Sons". In 2000, Larter has played a leading role in a teenage film of horrors Clear Rivers where has played the final girl (it kill in the film ending). Further career of the actress has gone promptly uphill. She also acted in film in serials and even has been nominated for "Best Supporting Actress". In 2007 Ali Larter has played comedies "Homo Erectus" then has been nominated as #6 in Maxim's Hot 100 for 2007. It decorated covers of such popular magazines as Maxim and Stuff.

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